Consisting of books, plans, magazines and other related material, this library is the result of many years enthusiastic collecting by David Baker together with material donated from many people and organisations.

The library is being administered by volunteers Roger Newman and Roy Tiller who have spent many hours sorting and collating the material.

Below are links to the resources available and information as to how they can be obtained. Please be aware that this not a commercial operation and therefore any service requested will be processed in a time scale that reflects the volunteers availability.

DBHL Plan Service

DBHL Magazine Service

Only digital files of plans from the DBHL are available. It is up to the recipient of such files to get them printed.

If the plan has already been digitised, the requester will receive an email with an attachment of the plan in a digital format.

If the plan has not yet been digitised, a scan of the paper plan has be done but this could take up to two weeks, sometimes longer if a clean-up is necessary. Once I have received the digitised file back, the requester will receive an email with an attachment of the plan.  

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Printing the plan

The easiest ways is either to download the plan from your PC to a memory stick & take the memory stick to your copy shop.


If your copy shop accepts emails, send them an email with the attachment, asking them to print the attachment. Scaling is automatic.

NOTE: Check that your local copy shop can handle digital files.

Email your request to the address below quoting Plan Name & I.D. number ( 1st & 2nd Cols respectively in the list).


This service is provided at no charge.



You are reminded that many more plans are available through our cooperative venture with partners in the USA, New Zealand & Slovakia. The combined list of these plans can be accessed via www.co-op-plans.com. Any plans requested via the Coop incur a small charge - see the web site for details. Exactly the same principle applies in that only digital files of plans are available.  



The magazine collection comprises those magazines received from the estate of David Baker, combined with the Bournemouth M.A.S. magazine collection and added to by donations from members and friends.

The purpose of the library is to be a reference facility for members. Should you require a magazine page or pages, advise me of the magazine issue and page, or if it is a plan in a magazine, the name of the model and whether it is glider, rubber or power. I will scan the page(s) in JPEG format and send them to you as an attachment to an e-mail.


This service is provided at no charge.

Magazines Held

This file below shows the extent of magazines held and catalogued. The file will be updated as further magazines are received, sorted and catalogued.
If you can help to fill a gap in the collection, provide a replacement magazine where the library edition is in poor condition, or have copy on a CD/DVD please get in touch.

If you are having a clear out of old magazines do consider sending them to the library. They will either, add to the collection, improve the quality of magazines held, or be sold, as best we can, to the benefit of club funds.

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Plans in Magazines

The file below lists the plans, three views etc., of flying models featured in magazines held in the library. The list can be sorted, A to Z, by model name or designer or magazine title/date or by multiple factors e.g. to find all the under 25 inch span rubber sort by: Type of model, wing span, model name.
Download and enjoy.

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Contact: Roy Tiller


Tel: 01202 511309