Museum of Army Flying Airfield

Andover, Hampshire, England

"The Worlds Most Beautiful Flat-Field Flying Site"

Middle Wallop is the home of the British Army's helicopter training school, and has the largest all grass airfield in Europe.

It is also the home of the Museum of Army Flying, where you can spend several hours touring the many exhibits. On the next occasion when the weather is foul enough to discourage model flying, pay it a visit, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


At present SAM 1066 does not have access to the airfield and therefore no events are scheduled.

Museum of Army Flying

"Celebrating over one hundred years of army aviation, this award-winning museum is home to one of the country’s finest historical collections of military kites, gliders, aeroplanes and helicopters. There are over 35 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to see at the museum including the largest collection of military gliders in Europe.

The Museum’s imaginative dioramas and static displays trace the developments of Army flying from pre Royal Flying Corps years through World War II to more recent conflicts in Ireland, the Falklands and the Gulf. Just how the British Army has used the air to advantage in the battlefield is the theme of the museum."

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Hurry up Peter, it's heavy(Photo: Rod Kenward)

Robin Kimber holding Peter Michel's "Josh Marshall" vintage" A2 towline glider at the Bournemouth Gala 2000 at Middle Wallop.