S.A.M. 1066

(Society of antique modellers)

Affiliated to the BMFA

Dedicated To Vintage and Classic Model Aircraft

As most of you know the organisation was founded and run by the late David Baker, who with the help of his many supporters provided a very necessary and valued service for the free flight aeromodelling community for many years.

David was responsible for the acquisition of Middle Wallop airfield for free flight events ("a master stroke"), and organised one of the best vintage free flight events in Europe the SAM Euro champs. Although in recent years we have seen some changes, Middle Wallop, our ancestral home, remains our principal flying site.


Members of the BMFA are now invited to join the new club for 2009, current members do not need to re-apply, there membership will be automatically be transferred to 2009 unless otherwise notified. Although our original plans for the new club did not envisage the production of a monthly magazine, we have courtesy of our New Clarion Editor Vic Willson.

All communication with the membership is via email and the club web site. The registered email address does not have to belong to the member but can be any other the member nominates, for example a family member, a friend or workplace. There will be no correspondence by post enabling free membership again for 2009

Senior and Junior membership is only open to members of the BMFA and members will be responsible for their own BMFA renewal. Social membership is open to non BMFA members from home and abroad.

 Click here to join online

Affiliation with the BMFA

The reason for affiliation is to ensure that the organisers of SAM 1066 events, including contest directors (CD's), are fully indemnified. Unfortunately we live in a world where litigation is all too common and no organiser can afford the risk of losing all of their personal assets.

 Club Officers

Chairman & Secretary

John Thompson

Meadow Lane
Hartley Wintney
RG27 8RP
Tel: 01252842471

John's work and support in the last 5 years have enabled all of the events that we have enjoyed over those years to take place.


Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Mike Parker

6 Woodlands Grove
Tel: 0118 9481392

Mike took on the day to day running of the organisation following David Bakers illness. He has successfully delegated tasks to various people to enable the events to continue. Originally involved in the "Farmers Fund" (an annual collection to finance Christmas presents for the Middle Wallop farmers in an attempt to improve relations), which he continues, in the last 3 years he also has been responsible for liaison with the Army at Middle Wallop and with other Free Flight Clubs, and the organisation of the SAM Champs.


Committee Member

Lindsey Smith

Spring Meadow
SP11 8EL
01264 773487

Lindsey has already spent some time this year on our behalf in negotiations with the Army at Middle wallop. As a former curator of the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop, Lindsey is well placed to represent us at any future meetings.


New Clarion Editor

Vic Willson
14, Regent Close
Lower Earley
0118 9756726

Vic,  now semi-retired, has made great strides in his first year as editor, resulting in a very professional club magazine that is available every month on this web site free of charge. 

Club Constitution

A new constitution, based on the BMFA template, has been written and allows the members to run the club. The officers have been appointed to ensure a smooth transition and continuity in the first year. However the constitution provides ways for it to be changed, and allows the appointment of new officers at the clubs annual general meeting (AGM).. All members attending the AGM will have the opportunity to vote on matters affecting the clubs future


Club Finances

The club is financed from the revenue raised from SAM 1066 events at Middle Wallop. Currently a £1 levy is added to the gate entry charge at Middle Wallop events and we are in a healthy financial position.

The Future

Nobody knows what is to happen in the future months and years, the Free Flight population is decreasing and there doesn't appear to be panacea for the problem. If we can attract some new people into the hobby then it may continue, if not then it is up to us remaining to ensure that it continues for us.

However one thing is certain, if members are not prepared to get involved and that means actually doing something, then we won't survive. "Many hands make light work" is the lesson my parents passed on to me and I don't think things have changed that much for it not to be the case today. There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in 2009 with 14 flying days planned, the SAM Euro Champs is one of the largest Free Flight event in Europe, so those prepared to do something please step forward, gone are the days of just turning up and doing our own thing.

To end on a note of optimism. The changes to SAM 1066 in 2007 has proved that we are prepared to accept change, now with nearly 500 members we are very well supported.

Change doesn't have to be faced with suspicion or fear but embraced as a new opportunity. If enough people get involved then there we will flourish and endure. One final note, it may raise a smile to think that SAM 1066 must be the first Vintage model aircraft club to have gone all electronic, who say's we are all still living in the past!!


Mike Parker.

Treasurer & Membership Secretary