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Southern Gala Odiham: 9th September 

As most of you are probably aware, our late Chairman was instrumental in setting up & organising the Southern Gala at Odiham for many years. The event this year was obviously put into jeopardy due to his sad passing. However, we have very recently established sufficient information to indicate that things can go ahead for this year with the traditional mix of low key competitions & sports flying, subject to us receiving the MoD licence as always.


The licence application has been made, following an OK for the event to be held by the RAF. We have managed to track down the application and speak to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, who confirm that the licence has been approved & should be issued in early August. So subject to the licence being received, there is every reason to plan for the event to take place as originally scheduled. The date remains 9th September.


Tailless; E36; Vintage/Classic CLG/HLG; A1; Vintage/Classic Combined glider; Vintage Wakefield combined 4oz/8oz; Vintage Lightweight Rubber; Coupe D' Hiver. These are the same as previous years.


This event requires attendees are pre-registered for security reasons. There is a limit of 65 attendees, so do make an early application to avoid disappointment.

Anyone wishing to attend must send following details to Peter Carter by post, enclosing the entry fee made payable to " Southern Area BMFA " & an SAE. Last date for receiving requests to attend is Saturday 26th August.

- name
- address
- contact details (phone, mobile & email)
- BMFA membership number
- vehicle details (make & model, licence plate info, colour)
- entry fee payment of £10 per attendee

Peter's address is 74 Buckland Avenue, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 6JA, he will send a written confirmation to those who apply to attend. 

Note: There will be absolutely no entry on the day. If you haven't pre-registered, you won't be allowed entry.


As always we will be subject to RAF Security measures, hence the need for pre-registration. Cars will be escorted on & off the flying area from the entrance gate as previous years. We are hoping to hold an "on-field" briefing prior to the commencement of flying, rather than the formalities of last year but this has not yet been sorted out.

It is expected that all competition fliers will use DT's (all forms are acceptable), the use of trackers is encouraged but is not mandatory. Competitions will use a DT fly-off as necessary. Sports fliers are encouraged to use DT's wherever practical & common sense in limiting engine runs.

Any queries, contact me at 


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