Society of Antique Modellers SAM 1066

Vintage freeflight models About Freeflight 

Freeflight models have no need for external control during flight. They are trimmed for circling flight, climbing under power and gently gliding down. They are lightweight and can catch thermal updrafts to extend flight times. 
They have light wing loadings, so fly slowly and can land themselves.

To be classified as "vintage", the model design has to have been published (or kitted) prior to the 1st of January 1951.
Models designed and published between the 1st January 1951 and the 31st December 1960 are classified as "Nostalgia".
All of these models have to comply with the class rules, i.e. vintage models must use the original construction method and materials (local strengthening and the substitution of bamboo for hardwood etc. is permitted), but the use of modern materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar is not permitted. The model can be a glider, rubber powered, or engine powered (including "spark ignition" petrol engine models).